About the Yavneh Group

“Yavneh Food Products Group” – is a kibbutz enterprise established more than 60 years ago in Kvutzat Yavneh, the oldest and flourishing religious kibbutz in the center of the country. Over the years, Yavneh Food Products Group has become a leader in the production of pickles that excel in taste and quality. The plant took its place as one of the largest manufacturers in Israel in this field.

The Yavneh pickles have been sold in the Israeli market for nearly a quarter of a century, but the factory itself has existed since the manufacture of canned meat for the British army in 1938. Some of the olives are grown and processed by the kibbutz members in the areas around Yavneh Group, The plant produces thousands of tons annually in a wide variety of products.

“Yavneh Food Products Group” presents a selection of olives and pickled vegetables with excellent taste and taste. Olive oil, cucumbers in salt and vinegar, pickled eggplants, shampka, pickled tomatoes, red pepper, lemons and olive oil. The products also appear in family packages and in institutional packages. It should be added that green olives and pumpkins and pickled cucumbers appear in economical packages of 1.250 kg and even in packages of 3 kg. All olives and even the occupied vegetables are also available in the packaging of a prestigious glass jar.

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