Yavneh Food Products Group” – is a kibbutz enterprise established more than 60 years ago in Kvutzat Yavneh, the oldest and flourishing religious kibbutz in the center of the country.

Over the years, Yavneh Food Products Group has become a leader in the production of pickles that excel in taste and quality.

The plant took its place as one of the largest manufacturers in Israel in this field.

The Yavneh pickles have been sold in the Israeli market for almost a quarter of a century, but the factory itself has existed since producing canned meat for the British army in 1938.

Some of the olives grow and are cultivated by members of the kibbutz in the areas around the Yavneh Group, when the cucumbers, brought from distant lands, are picked up a few hours after being plucked from the field.

The plant produces thousands of tons annually in a wide variety of products.

Yavneh Food Products Group” presents a selection of olives and pickled vegetables with excellent taste and taste. Olive oil, cucumbers in salt and vinegar, pickled eggplants, shampka, pickled tomatoes, red pepper, lemons and olive oil.

The products also appear in family packages and in institutional packages.

It should be added that green olives and pumpkins and pickled cucumbers appear in economical packages of 1.250 kg and even in packages of 3 kg.

All olives and even the occupied vegetables are also available in the packaging of a prestigious glass jar.

In the past fifteen years, the plant has enjoyed a dramatic increase in sales. Despite this, the Yavneh pickles factory managed to maintain its leading position in the market, thanks to a strategic decision adopted by the management – there is no compromise on the quality level, even at the expense of quantity.

In order to maintain high quality all along, the world’s best automation equipment was purchased. Some of them have undergone further development in Israel, under the initiative of the Yavneh Food Products Group.

In 1997, the plant was expanded and expanded. A new acceptance system was established for the various vegetables using the most advanced technologies.

Filling the boxes, adding spices, pasteurization and packaging are all done with state-of-the-art equipment. The automation we deal with is the last word in the world in this field.

Computer-enabled video cameras, which depict every olive on all sides, to sort it in terms of quality, size and further processing.

The classification at the high-tech level is intended to replace manual sorting and enables the plant to produce, in addition to its line products, high-quality flag products.

Another secret that assures the quality of the Yavneh group is the use of original, real and natural reference materials, not artificial substitutes.

As flavor enhancers are natural extracts, not chemical emulsions, and when you need to improve the taste with garlic, real garlic cloves and garlic-like chemicals are added to the product.

The Yavneh group also has official “receipts” for the high quality of its products. It is a fact that the Yavneh Food Products Group has successfully passed two official tests that confirmed what is already known to the consumers of pickles, that the quality of the Yavneh Food Products Group is unrivaled.

The pickles factory was the first in the food industry in Israel, which passed for the first time, without the need for any improvements,

The ISO 9002 quality test in the 2002 version, as well as the Ministry of Health (GMP) certification exams, which he passed for the first time.

Most of the customers are consumers of the Jewish market in the world – USA, England, Belgium, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

This is due to their quality and high level of Kashrut. “Yavneh Food Products Group” works in accordance with the highest standards of hygiene, which is meticulously maintained and is subject to strict inspections by the health authorities in these countries.

In addition to Jewish customers, the Yavneh group also acquires loyal customers from other faiths, including members of the Palestinian and Iranian communities who have found their favorite Middle Eastern taste in the Yavneh pickles.

Yavneh’s food products carry the elegant koshering of Badatz Chugat Hatamot Sofer, Badatz HaEidah HaCharedit in Jerusalem, the Kosher Mehadrin of Rabbi Salomon and the Kosher O.U.P – the prestigious Kashrut Certificate of Orthodox Judaism in the United States.

Yavneh’s food products can be found in most food stores in Israel, thanks to its extensive marketing and distribution systems.

Yavne Group supplies its products to the three largest food chains in Israel by supplying the central warehouse of each network.

The consumers of the private market also do not remain without adequate coverage. Yavneh Group maintains close trade relations with wholesalers located in all regions of the country, and they have an extensive network of mobile agents who reach all points of sale.


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